Grupo Entusiasmo is a communications group made up of companies that share a common philosophy, responding to advertisers with Relevant, Fluid, Cross-Disciplinary, Technological and Effective solutions. 



Personalization and commitment

We are a one-stop point for the development and implementation of all areas of advertising, digital marketing and public relations, operating with a cross-disciplinary offer and making the most of the synergies between our companies.

Our philosophy is based on the personalization of the service and commitment to the client, who pays for the services he needs, without having to face charges for resources he does not use

The growth of our group is based on the competitiveness of our offer, generating value for brands and increasing sales of our customers.



Grupo Entusiasmo's companies specialise in advertising-media strategies, planning, purchasing and management..


We enable companies to profit from their advertising and make it relevant to consumers.

Our strategies, together with technological and innovative solutions, achieve effective outcomes, taking care of the brand's value and reputation, as well as having an effect on sales growth.

The Specialist Companies

What's going on?...


Agencia de Medios Independiente. Trabajamos por una publicidad rentable para las empresas y relevante para el consumidor.

Calle Eraso, 20. 28028 Madrid

tel.: 91 519 91 21. fax 91 519 09 22


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Dirección de Grupo Entusiasmo

• Antonio Ruiz : Socio Fundador • Félix Fernández: Presidente • Carmen Montero: Vicepresidenta • Córdoba Ruiz: Consejera Delegada • Juan Manuel Parra: Director General de Front Office • Lola Ponce: Directora Financiera • Ana Pedreño: Directora de Marketing